Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Welcome fellow Long Tailers

I was pouring through the traffic logs of my new blog and I saw a bunch of referrers coming from It seems that Chris Anderson has linked to me from his blog. I just want to thank Chris for sending me traffic my way. I read his article in Wired with interest, and it really got me thinking about the hundreds of online stores that I've built over the years. Some succeed and some failed with the dot com collapse. The ones that thrived though all have 1 thing in common, they were all able to leverage niche markets in their sales.

Look at the way Amazon continues to grow and add additional product lines and incorporate other online store's products into their monolithic site. I don't think it's a coincidence that they have been able to outpace all of their online rivals. They started the whole Amazon Associates program where they paid webmasters commisions on sales. Overnight hundreds of thousands of links went up going into Amazon. Currently they have over 2.6 MILLION incoming links. It's no wonder they have impressive results on search engines with that many people linking into them.

Well, I just wanted to thank you for visiting, I will be updating the site about 3 -5 times per week. I hope that the content you find here make it worthwhile to keep coming back. Drop me a line if you have any thoughts on things you'd like to see.


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